Texas Lone Star - SRV

Guitar Corkboard: Life Is Dewine

Steampunk III

Rock Me!

You Can Break Me but Don't Chain Me

Dark Continent


Jimi Experienced

Hope (blue)


Dark Knight

Mardi Gras

Classic Rock

Lil Hippie


British Invasion

Steam Punk


The Ballad of John & Ashley

Hope (purple)

Hope (green)

Beatles-British Routes - 33"L

Faith - 30" L

Blues Guitar

Classical Violin

Rock, Metal, and Grunge

Heavy Metal II - 33"L

Pastimes - 29" L

Retro Mania - 30" L

Rock of Ages (f) - 30" L

Rock of Ages (back)

Union Jack (f) - 33" L

Little Wing (f) - 30" L

Survivor (f)

Folk Art (front) - 42"L

Heavy Metal (front)

Heavy Metal (back)

I hope you enjoy the artwork. And remember... Love Passionately, Live Creatively!        ~Christine