text is an indie arts label promoting the arts through various venues as well as hosting an online gallery. Works include artwork from around the world as well as original artwork by ChrisAlex (Christine Alexander), the owner of Music Art Love. The Gallery will continually change so be sure to come back and visit us! Visit the EVENTS page to see a listing of upcoming art/craft shows and exhibits where the artwork will also be available for purchase.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or for making a purchase.
About the artist, ChrisAlex:

One word that depicts the style of ChrisAlex's art is eclectic. Unique in every fashion--from design to materials used--there is nothing else like it. The style is 'multi' mixed-media in that the use of music or movement is sometimes added to the already mixed-media pieces. Working under the MUSIC ART LOVE label, it is the perfect vehicle for promoting the art.

What else is unique about her craft is ChrisAlex's use of salvaged pieces. Through embellishing outcasts or giving new purpose to a discarded item, the artist not only satisfies her penchant for finding value in unused items but also helps reduce waste in the environment. Extending the LOVE, some items will be donated for charity raffles or a percentage of sales going to charity.

ChrisAlex's creativity extends beyond the traditional formats. Interested in a variety of platforms, the artist has invented these new categories to depict her work:
....mixed-media on guitars;
ArtDecor....art mixed with home decor;
Reel-isms...comic and thought-provoking illustrations.

Other artwork may fall outside of these categories. A common element in ChrisAlex's work is humor. The artist also loves creating dual meanings or 'twists' in her artwork. Without a doubt, ChrisAlex's art will leave an impression on you!

A message from ChrisAlex:

I hope you enjoy the artwork. And remember... Love Passionately, Live Creatively!