About the Artist

ChrisAlex (Christine Alexander) who once promoted other artists in her gallery, Music Art Love, is now creating artwork of her own using mixed media and repurposed materials.

GuitArt (art on guitars) are reflections of ChrisAlex’s passion for music and visual art.  Each piece is carefully crafted, using an organic process of ‘feeling’ the right elements that emerge from her ongoing collecting of salvaged materials.  With a wide variety of themes, there is a ‘GuitArt’ for everyone!  Both unique and eclectic, these sculptures make great conversation pieces!

For more ‘GuitArt’ view the gallery and see upcoming events.


About the Art


GuitArt is a term ChrisAlex came up with to define her art on guitars. Always on the lookout to rescue and salvage thrown out guitars, ChrisAlex gives them new life as an eclectic art piece. Not only are the guitars repurposed but the majority of the materials used are also. Many items are found during her travels across the country and abroad. Each piece becomes part of her collection in her studio, waiting for the perfect time to be used for a specific-themed guitar. The process of ‘feeling’ what materials to use and letting the process evolve organically, is part of the thrill for ChrisAlex. Seeing it all come together poetically is pure heaven!


ChrisAlex hopes to share this love of music and art with you and, therefore, has kept the artwork affordable so you can have your own one-of-a-kind ‘GuitArt’!

View the gallery and feel free to contact me at (954) 805-5992 with any questions or for making a purchase.